Month: October 2016

Xcode 8.1 download from App Store is agonizingly slow

October 31, 2016

I’m in the process of downloading/installing XCode 8.1 from the appstore. The process has been underway now for about 7+ hours. The status currently shows 2.61GB olf 4.47GB. This has to be the worst application install I’ve ever worked with on ANY plat…

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How to setup secure API call from iPhone app(swift) to web server with ssl certificate

October 12, 2016

I have to setup a secure webservice call from my iPhone app to webserver in AWS, What are all the steps we need to follow to setup the secure connection in the app as well as in the server?Which certificate we need to add in the app bundle? I am c…

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Download XCode Stops downloading

October 12, 2016

Hi I am trying to download XCode 8.1 Beta 3, but when I am try that it stops downloading after 500MB.So I try the starndard XCode from the Apps Store XCode 8 and same problem stops after 855 MBThen I thought I will download one of the previous version …

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Unable to import localizations

October 5, 2016



I’m having a difficult time importing localizations suddenly. I’ve gotten this error pretty regularly for the past few months:


xcodebuild: error: “Localizable.strings” couldn’t be moved to “da.lproj” because an item with the same name already exists.


But all the localizations would import correctly. The latest batch of translations this isn’t working, though. Only a small subset of the localizations are being imported, so I’m looking to resolve this error to see if it can push the rest through.


Has anyone ran into this issue before or have any insight on what may be the cause?




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Xcode wants to access key “” in your keychain

October 4, 2016

I keep getting this prompt from Xcode. If I select “Always Allow” I still get prompted periodically.

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