Month: March 2017

Xcode 8 cannot add simulator

March 29, 2017

I am trying to get started with iOS development so I installed XCode 8 version 8.3I created a new Game app and I want to run it using a simulator on my iMac.There are no simulators listed and when I try to add one, nothing happens… I select ‘Add…

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Added UIBarButtonItem cannot be triggered

March 20, 2017

language: swift 3.0os: macOS 10.12.3xcode: 8.2.1Here is a blank Storyboard with a ViewController.And below is the code: import UIKitimport WebKit class CommonWebViewViewController: UIViewController, WKUIDelegate, WKNavigationDelegate { &…

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Pending Purchase and Activation : Registering as a developer

March 14, 2017

Hi All,I purchased apple developer program for 99$ on 03/05/2017  11 days waiting. The time I registered for this program, I was told that, I will be receiving a mail within 24 hours time. Just now I checked bak the site since I have not rece…

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