Month: June 2017 and Adobe PhoneGap Build issues

June 27, 2017

Has anyone built an app on and experienced issues with the app crashing at launch once the app is uploaded to an iPhone? The app worked previous to iOS update 10.3.2. Also, I used Adobe PhoneGap Build to package the app in iTunes.

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Code signing: initial steps

June 25, 2017

I start from an OSX App that is not code signed. This is in XCode 8.3.2 I’m trying to sign it :     – in Project / Build settings, in code signing identity, I declare :     Mac Developer   &nb…

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Xcode 9 do not have NSLog information

June 19, 2017

i just download Xcode9, and use it run my project .But All my NSLog information do not be printed , who can tell me why?

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How to set custom location of DerivedData and make that configuration shared?

June 9, 2017

I want to set DerivedData to be relative to my project source tree. I know how to do that, but this setting ends up in user-specific xcuserdata folder. In other words, I cannot commit that to our git repo and make that configuration available to all de…

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Xcode 9 beta builds project but fails to launch simulator.

June 8, 2017

I’ve got XCode 9 beta building my project but then I get an alert: “Error returned in reply: Connection Invalid – Software caused connection abort” Launching the simulator from the tools menu shows the frame with the Apple logo as if it’s booting….

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